Backyard Retaining Wall and The Benefits of Its Construction

When it is about considering a home improvement or landscape improvement, you have to think of constructing a backyard retaining wall. These innovative structures not only enhance the beauty of the home but also protect the land by preventing soil erosion and other landslides. Here, we will outline the benefits of constructing a backyard retaining wall.

Benefits of Constructing a backyard retaining wall

  • It can prevent flood or riverbank erosion

Riverbank erosion is the wearing away of the banks of the river by the force of water. It happens when the turbidity of the water increases because of soil erosion. When water starts destroying the bank, land losses it’s mass. Flood and riverbank erosion can be protected by constructing a concrete retaining wall because this structure can absorb the destructive force of the water.

  • It minimizes soil erosion and landslides

Soil erosion refers to a process of movement of the soil particles, detached by the destructive force of raindrops, and the deposition of those particles elsewhere. Erosion can remove the topsoil of land and wash the nutrients and beneficial microorganisms. In hilly regions, landslides can be a common issue. When soils can’t stand the increased shear stresses caused by the water, they can’t stay at the right place. When this stress overcomes the shear strength of the soil, the hills quickly collapse, and landslides take place. Water molecules act as the lubricant, and when they enter between the particles, the particles start slipping. Retaining walls can prevent soil erosion and landslides by holding the eroded materials in their place.

  • Retaining walls can reduce the damage

If you have a house on land containing silty soil, then you will surely know how much danger you are dealing with. Silty soils are washed away easily with the force of water, and when these soils are washed away, buildings and other constructions fall in great danger. You can take a look at the Teton dam failure, which was caused mainly because of the silty soil and its higher seepage. Retaining walls can prevent damages by conserving the soil and reducing the movement.

  • It can make the backyard more attractive

Retaining walls enhance the beauty of the backyard with its fascinating structure and shape. The beauty depends mainly on the materials, which are selected for constructing the walls. Some of the best materials for enhancing beauty are – timber, stones, concrete, bricks, and so on. Above all, concrete blocks are regarded as the best material for building the walls. Retaining walls can be constructed for creating beautiful, terraced sections, which can be used to plant trees. These structures can increase the beautify if they are built on sloppy land. In many areas, these structures are built to plant flowers.

  • It increases the property value

Retaining walls increase the property value to a great extent. Constructing retaining walls adds more beauty to the area. Therefore, the owner can easily increase his property value.

Because of all these reasons, retaining walls are constructed for landscape or home improvement. You can build these structures easily in your home.


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